Portfolio / Residential Projects

Tennessee Sandstone Patio

  • Vizzone's-Tennessee Sandstone patio with custome firepit and BBQ built-in.
  • Vizzone's-Tennessee Sandstone patio and plantbeds with flowers and trees planted
  • Curved walkway crushed stone and plantings

About Project

This project is in Middletown NJ. Our client asked us to design and build a natural stone patio including a fire pit and custom built-in for BBQ. Crushed stone and step stone walkways.

We removed the old wood deck, graded the property, poured a concrete foundation and laid the Tennessee Sandstone patio on top. The patio includes a step section for the sliding glass door into the house. Built plant beds and filled with native trees and plants.

Job Description

  • Design and build
  • Natural Stone with custom elements
  • Demolition, poured foundation
  • Step transition to back door
  • Installed plant beds and all plants

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